Golomazov, the blind

Golomazov, 60 years old, living around Bishkek, became blind 4 years ago. The ADRA and the SHG (Self-Help group) are providing a valuable support to improve his daily-live. However, his mobility and his world have been drastically reduced.
Golomazov could recover the vision on one eye (Glaucoma) though an operation. But, his poverty and the lack of health care, do not allow him to get heal.

The ADRA and the SHG are trying to make it possible. Nevertheless, the biggest issue is money.

You can help Golomazov as well and make a donation. Contact Aipery Janyzak de l’ADRA.

Kyrgyzstan: On the road in Allay

Kyrgyzstan: Some more landscapes

Kyrgyzstan: Some landscapes

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Kyrgyzstan – “Kafeci” in Bishkek

Kyrgyzstan – Project with the ADRA

Some pictures of the ADRA Kyrgyzstan‘s activities. This organisation aim to help people, especially elderly. They created Self-Help Groups (SHG), provide infrastructure and a shop (where handcrafted product are been sold).

It was a great and rewarding work. Thanks to the staff of the ADRA Centra Asia.

Kyrgyzstan Bishkek and the USSR

Slow life, Kurdistan – November 2015 in Analog

Benin.. 2001

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